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Hotel Panorama

Hotel Panorama

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Hotel “Panorama” is located in the town's park in Sandanski, 160 km away from Thessaloniki - Republic of Greece and 250 km away from Scopie - Republic of Macedonia.

Sandanski attracts a multitude of visitors with its unique nature and healthy climate: the exclusive combination of fresh mountain air from Pirin with warm breezes from the beautiful Aegean Sea.
A combination of permissive climate and natural mineral springs defines Sandanski as the best European natural health station for relief of medical conditions such as bronchial asthma, musculo-skeletal diseases, and afflictions of the peripheral nerve system, as well as many others.

Whether your visit is connected to tourism, business, relaxation, or self-medication, hotel "Panorama" offers a cozy atmosphere and impressive service at competitive prises all year.

Hotel "Panorama" is in the category of 3 star hotels, and offers a total of  132 beds distributed in 56 rooms and 10 apartments, in addition to a restaurant, lobby bar, pool bar, room-service, conference hall, wireless net, spa-center, open pool with mineral water, indoor and outdoor children's playgrounds and parking service.

Check - in from 14:00 o' clock.
Check - out to 12:00 o' clock.

Facilitati hotel

Enjoy both national and pan-European cooking in the luxurious restaurant of hotel "Panorama". The restaurant is spacious: it includes 100 place settings, including 40 in an open scenic terrace.
Lobby bar "Panorama" - This exquisite 30-seat bar is a little oasis, with a genuine atmosphere of warmth and coziness. The panoramic terrace attatched to it has an additional 40 seats, and is the place with the most unique landscape in Sandanski.
Bar-pool "Panorama" creates many emotions of colour and mood. The incredible landscape over Sandanski, combined with the the crystal waters of the swimming pool provide an escape from dullness, and the perfect relaxation after any strenuous day! The impressive variety of natural juices and energy drinks will turn your fairy tale into reality!


All rooms are installed with central heating, air-condition, TV set with cable television, telephone, mini-refrigerator, bathroom with a shower cabin, wireless internet, terrace with landscape overlooking the town, swimming pool, or forest - depending on the direction.

The apartment includes two separate rooms - bedroom and living room, and large bathroom. It is equipped with air conditioning, minibar, telephone, cable TV, internet and own large bathroom.
To accommodate 3 or 4 person in the apartment is paid in addition:

Servicii balneologie si SPA

The SPA&WELLNESS center “Panorama” offers a great variety of service: swimming pool with mineral water /25m x 11m/, the most modern sport and medical appliances, fitness, sauna, massage, water therapy,aroma therapy, physiotherapy.
Wellness, threatment and prophylactic programs are also offered: Anti-stress, Slimming, Fitness, Anti-Asthma, Beauty Body-Wellness, Anti-Arthroreumathic, Anti-celullite.

Under the special care and attention of our skilled professionals in the spa center of hotel "Panorama" you will have both rested, healthy and beautiful!
Sandanski is situated at the foot of the Pirin Mountains 224 meters above sea level and near the mouth of the river Sandanska Bistrica.
It is famous for its unique climate and mineral springs (temperatures of 33 ° C to 83 ° C). Average annual air temperature 14.7 ° C. The town of Sandanski is the glory of the best natural treating bronchial asthma in Europe. The resort is recommended to treat various pulmonary diseases, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, neurological disorders, skin allergies, some kidney and urological diseases.
Exceptional natural wealth of the springs is due to the hydro-sulphate content. The springs are classified in class IV system Carstens-Alexandrov. Along the Struma River are 80 mineral springs, grouped into 13 fields. Some better known ones are: Turkish bath, Miroto, Pariloto and The new borehole source.

The use of water for healing is an art and a science in itself.
Hydrotherapy is the application of water in some form, either externally or internally in the treatment of disease and maintaining health.
Hydrotherapy refers to "healing through water ', which stems from the empirical tradition and has application to cure all diseases by the use of water, especially cold.
Balneology and balneotherapy relate to the science of their baths and therapeutic applications.
Krenology or Krenoteraphy is a science and use of water from mineral springs.
The mineral springs can be used for treatment in four main ways.
Bathing is the most popular form of balneotherapy, and usually involves immersion in water for 15-30 minutes.
Medical use of mineral water is applied on the skin as a hot or cold water as showers, concentrated streams or other popular methods used to treatment.
The consumption of mineral water is also very important for treatment. Today many of the mineral waters are bottled and sold.
Inhalation of water vapor is used to help people with asthma, sinus problems, allergies and other respiratory problems.
While balneotherapy is one of the most basic pro, taking place in the spa or resort, other therapies are often combined as part of a comprehensive treatment program in a health protection and treatment of disease.
Often combined with massage therapy, naturopathy, physical education, physical therapy, acupuncture, hiropraktical care and traditional medical care.

Balneotherapy is aimed at treating chronic diseases, rehabilitation, before and after surgical procedures and preventive medicine. Some of the chronic diseases for which medical treatment helps are rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, diseases of circulatory system (especially moderate or mild hypertension), gastrointestinal diseases, chronic mild respiratory disease, peripheral blood disorders, stress-related disorders, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, chronic gynecological diseases in. metabolic diseases (especially diabetes, obesity and gout). In rehabilitation, spa treatment helps restore shock, spinal paralysis, the treatment of paralysis treatment after brain surgery or orthopedic surgery, chronic rheumatic diseases and complications in traffic accidents and sports related injuries. Balneotherapy is useful before and after surgical procedures such as artificial hips and knee surgery. Balneotherapy is also used in prevention of diseases in adults, occupational diseases and to build physical strength and general immunity.

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